How to adopt the bandana trend?

The bandana's making a comeback. This little scarf with a special paisley print is the flagship accessory of the biggest stars and fashion influencers of the moment. While it has delighted entire generations in the past, the scarf is making a comeback. Its appearance has remained the same, but now it can be worn in many different ways. Here are a few tips on how to wear the bandana with flair.

The history of the bandana

The bandana is native to India. In fact, the term bandana comes from the Sanskrit word "Badhnati" which means to tie. But the word bandana also refers to a technique for dyeing fabrics. At the time, it was not easy to achieve the desired colour on textiles. In order to obtain the red colour that is emblematic of the original bandana, fish oil, sheep excrement or intestinal liquor were used. It is thanks to the Silk Road that the bandana was exported to the West by the British. It was an immediate success, especially among cowboys who used it to protect themselves from dust and sand. But there is you don't have to be a cowboy to wear a bandana. Throughout popular movements and fashion phenomena, the bandana has always been present. Bikers, pin-up girls, hippies, feminists, etc. until today. 

The different ways to wear the bandana

The bandana can be found everywhere, as an accessory, but also as a motif via the paisley print that characterises it.

Wearing the bandana as an accessory

The bandana is mostly worn as a fashion accessory that subtly finishes off an outfit.

  • Around the neck, simply fold it in half to make a triangle that you can tie for a great look. It is also possible to wrap the triangle around the neck to obtain another variation to put around the neck like a necklace. This time, tie the accessory on the side for more style.
  • The bandana is also worn on the head like a headband. To do so, simply roll it up to the desired thickness. The only thing left to do is to put it on your head and tie it under your hair. It can also be worn in its triangular version on the head for a successful 90s look.
  • It is very fashionable to use the small scarf as an accessory to tie the hair. To do so, fold it into a triangle and wrap it to get the right length to put around a bun, braid ora ponytail.
  • Another use of the bandana as a trendy fashion accessory is to tie it around the wrist as if it were a bracelet.
  • Finally, the bandana also ties around the strap of a handbag to give it more style.

Wearing the printed bandana

The bandana is now confined to his role as a scarf. Nowadays, it can be found as a fabric pattern for fashionable summer tops, light and bohemian dresses, stylish suits, flowing trousers, etc. You can adopt the total look with paisley printed pieces and the small scarf around the neck, on the head, in the hair, at the wrists or as bag jewellery.