How to reconcile work and family life?

It is not easy to reconcile work and family life. Being a parent, lover, employee and individual at 100% at the same time, not to mention having a rich social life, is a real struggle, especially with today's hectic lifestyle. To avoid running out of breath and exhaustion, or even burn-out, but also to be able to guarantee quality time with your family without skimping on your professional career, here are a few valuable tips.

Focus on organization

The key to greater efficiency in the quest for a harmonious family and working life is the organisation of work and family life. To do this, it is important to draw up a list of things to do so that nothing is left undone. However, as it is impossible to do everything at the same time, the trick is to prioritise each task. At home, make a schedule of the family members' weekly activities, plan the week's menus in advance to save time, choose a sports activity that the whole family enjoys to practice, etc.

Asking for help

If you want to do too much by yourself, you won't make it. It's normal to ask for help, even if it's only until you get your energy back. Therefore, make a list of resource people and caregivers you can call on in an emergency: parents, in-laws, neighbours, friends, etc. And if your finances permit, you can delegate certain household tasks by hiring housekeeping staff. Also, don't hesitate to have your children looked after in daycare centres, by a nanny or by someone close to you to spend time with your partner or simply to take time for yourself. In this way, you will be able to achieve a better work-life balance.

Working flexible hours

Today, companies increasingly allow their employees to work staggered hours. This gives you the possibility to start earlier and leave earlier and vice versa. This gives you a better work-life balance. Ask your employer about the possibility of a four-day working week and the conditions that this entails; these fewer working hours will ensure that you have a fulfilling family life. Finally, you can always offer teleworking, which allows you to be present for your family and friends while ensuring your career. Teleworking is now commonplace in every professional activity, as is freelance work. They especially allow a good balance between professional life and parenthood if you have young children.

Finding the right balance

There is no such thing as perfection. It is perfectly normal not to be able to be on all fronts. It's all about finding a balance between personal and professional life. Above all, you have to avoid feeling remorse, because in any case you always do your best. You should also know that family and work are two different worlds. It's up to you to determine the importance that each takes on in your life; determine your priorities. It is also important to know how to disconnect. When you're at work, put family life aside and invest yourself fully. When you get home, forget about work and be fully present for your family. Finally, it is important to know how to impose your limits and to know your abilities in order to achieve fulfillment.