How to speed up checkout time?

Whether in a restaurant, a clothing store or a bakery, waiting at the checkout is one of the sources of consumer dissatisfaction. To improve the customer experience, but also the image, offering the best possible service is necessary for businesses. Reducing waiting time at the checkout is one of the recommended solutions. Here are a few ideas to help you.

Accelerate collection processing time

To avoid creating frustration among customers, it is important to have a strategy in place to speed up the purchase processing process. The use of innovative technological equipment that simplifies purchasing and collection is a must. The use of an ergonomic and functional cash register is recommended in this case.

To simplify and accelerate collections, opt for an online checkout software. Accessible on a smartphone or tablet, this solution allows salespeople to collect customer payments anywhere on your premises. Apart from mobility, an online cash register avoids the feeling of long waits at the checkout. Note that in addition to cash register management, this type of software offers other functionalities such as customer management or inventory management. Moreover, this solution allows you to check the turnover of your business.


Many major retailers are already using this solution. The idea is to set up a single queue in front of a single counter with all the payment points. Thanks to a display screen and a voice guide, the customer remains informed about the free counters. By opting for this checkout system, you reduce the overall time dedicated to payment and make the queue more fluid. In fact, you will triple the number of orders processed compared to a traditional organization. This solution also allows you to adapt in real time the number of cashiers working in relation to the number of customers waiting.

Setting up virtual queues

Thanks to technological advances (geolocation and smartphones), digital queuing applications have been launched. Upon arrival in the store or during their purchases, customers can reserve their checkout time. They will then receive notifications allowing them to take advantage of priority access.

Make waiting at the cash register fun

If it is impossible to optimize checkout time in your store or if it is part of your customer experience, make waiting fun to entertain customers. Displaying original products to attract their attention or proposing fun activities such as games on smartphones are among the possible solutions. In addition to keeping your customers waiting for a few minutes, this technique is also an excellent way to selling feature. Once the level of customer satisfaction is high, you can easily build customer loyalty. They will not hesitate to come back to your business.