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Difficult to make a choice for your new Wireless TV Headset? We have written this special buying guide Wireless Tv Headphones to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sellers of the moment, tests, reviews... As in all our buying guideswe have done our best to help you choose the best Wireless TV Headset!

Our selection of wireless TV headsets

Wireless tv headset buying guide

Wireless TV headsets are the equipment of choice when you want to enjoy your TV to the fullest. without bothering others. During your video game sessions or while watching films you will also enjoy a better sound than what your TV originally offered.So you have decided to buy this product?You are right !However, as this is a modern device that is well established in the market, making a choice can be really difficult.In order not to fall on a banal model that will not bring you at all satisfaction, we will guide you through our comparison of the criteria to be taken into account.We will therefore advise you on various points, such as the technology used, comfort and autonomy, among others.But also, we will tell you about the usefulness of this product, then we will give you some tips on how to use it.You want to know more ?No more chatter, we're not going to keep you waiting any longer, let's get to the heart of the matter.Let's go !

Why use wireless headphones for TV?

Unlike standard headphones, a wireless TV headset is specially designed for use with a TV. devoted to television. Its use has various advantages such as not annoying those around you when you want to fully enjoy an action movie, for example. Compared to wired headsets, it has a major advantage in that it allows you to have some mobility when watching TV.

You can also optimize distance between you and your TV, because be aware that mid-range models have a range of around 10 meters while wired rarely reach 5 meters. In the high end, and depending on the technology used, you can watch televisioneven when you move to another room.

Another point concerns the ability of wireless headsets to completely suppress or at least attenuate outside noise. If you live in an urban area where the atmosphere is usually quite noisy, this material is what you need.

Criteria to be taken into account

You will understand, you must dwell on different points to choose the best wireless TV headset. Do you want equipment that will fully meet your needs? Follow the guide!

Choosing a wireless headset based on its type

It should be noted that there are different types of headphones classified according to the positioning of the pads and the isolation from external noise. Thus, there are supra-aural, circum-aural and intra-auricular headphones.

  • A helmet circum-aural is characterized by pads that completely encompass your ears.
  • The helmet supra-aural, on the other hand, is characterized by pads that rest only on the pinna of the ear.
  • The In-The-Ear are simply headphones.

Regarding noise isolation, there are open helmets and the closed helmets. If you use an open headset, someone near you will be able to hear the sounds you are listening to. The passage of air and sound is therefore permitted. The only concern with this type of helmet is that it does not effectively filter out outside noise.

Closed helmets or nomads, meanwhile, will allow you to fully soak up the sound environment. Indeed, your hearing will be completely isolated from the outside environment since no noise can infiltrate. Peace is therefore assured.

Which transmission technology to choose?

As far as wireless transmission is concerned, there are different types depending on the model. Here, your choice must be made in relation to your needs, as the existing technologies each offer their own specificities.


Used by many devices, Bluetooth wireless technology needs no introduction. With the democratization of this system on TVs, several models of wireless headphones are equipped with it. If you do not have a TV with a integrated Bluetooth transceiver, devices allowing you to connect your headphones with your TV are available on the market. If you have a compatible TV, this is the most convenient solution. However, the signal offered using Bluetooth can often be alternated if obstacles are present in the room. You may also experience a disconnect between picture and sound.

Be aware, however, that models of helmets using this technology will allow you to enjoy a total experience without worry. Others will even give you the opportunity to link two headsets at the same time. If you opt for Bluetooth headsets, choose those offered by major brands such as Philips, Sony or Sennheiser. The only small flaw of this type of transmission is the range which is generally only 5 meters. Therefore choose this system only if you are sure that you will not exceed the proposed range.


This technology may seem old to you, but be aware that several entry-level models of wireless TV headsets use it. Although we find this wireless system less and less these days, it has a significant strength. Indeed, with infrared, electrical or electronic interference (interference) does not exist. So you will be sure to always enjoy quality sound.

Inexpensive, this technology is a good alternative. Be aware, however, that you must be at less than 10 meters in general to benefit from the sound and also that you have to stand well in front of the TV. It is also important to know that infrared is incompatible with plasma technology of some televisions. The screen waves will scramble the infrared beams of light.

Transmission by UHF radio waves

Compared to headsets with the wireless technologies mentioned above, the UHF TV headphones are not only more expensive, but are also better performing. You can enjoy undeniable sound quality while having the possibility to move anywhereeven outdoors! The range can go up to 100 meters when there are no major obstacles and is limited to 30m if your house has many partitions. However, radio waves are often interference-sensitive and can cause crackling noises. If you are faced with this kind of case, you will have to change your frequency and find one that will offer a much cleaner sound.

2.4 GHz radio transmission

Innovative, this technology offers a secure digital wireless connection, made possible by a transmitter and a receiver. As with radio waves, it has a long range of up to 100 meters outdoors and 30 meters indoors! Only the thick walls can be a barrier to transmission. The 2.4 GHz radio transmission is not susceptible to interference due to the transmitting and receiving devices mentioned above. Unlike radio waves, you won't need to calibrate or search for frequencies the first time you use it.

Sound quality

Here, you will surely say that it will be difficult to know this criterion without trying the helmets available on the market. However, there is a trick. Favor them upper range models offered by major brands such as Philips or Sennheiser for example. In general, the know-how of the latter in terms of sound is no longer to be proven.

Thus, a wireless TV headset must have sound that can faithfully transmit voices (which must be clear and natural). It also needs to perform well enough to ideally mirror the sound of a favorite movie, series, or show. When it comes to music, you'll enjoy the powerful bass, treble, and well-controlled mids. In addition, if you still want to move upmarket, you will be entitled to technologies such as Dolby Surround among other things. The latter can offer you particularly immersive sounds.


Once again, it will be difficult for you to make up your mind until you have the headphones on your ears. However, be aware that this is an extremely important criterion since you will be wearing them, often, for hours. To get an idea, be sure to find out about the product, because a comfortable headset is synonymous with satisfaction and well-being while you watch TV.

Thus, prefer light helmets with flexible hoops. The foams on the headband and the ear cups should be fairly dense. They must be covered with a quality fabric or imitation leather. Again, try toget as much information as possible on the helmet you want to buy if the comfort of use is a crucial criterion for you.

The quality of manufacture

Here you will not have any unpleasant surprises as long as you opt for the high-end models. Big brands usually offer helmets made with durable and robust materials. Also, be aware that the headband adjustment is the component that wears out the fastest on wireless TV headsets, especially when it is made of plastic. Prefer those with aluminum settings.

Battery life

To say the least, manufacturers today have made great efforts in terms of battery life wireless TV headsets. Indeed, recent models are more and more efficient in terms of hours of autonomy. Indeed, the vast majority of current TV headsets offer more than 15 hours of use. Most of the available models have supports called "Charging station". You just place your helmet on it and the battery is recharged. Note that for other headsets, you need to connect them to a cable to charge the battery.

Some manufacturers offer helmets with rechargeable batteries, and others opt for lithium-ion. The first type of battery mentioned is more practical in the sense that it is easier to replace them when they reach the end of their life.

Other features

Beyond all the features mentioned above, you will also need to know certain criteria to validate your choice. Indeed, in case you use a hearing deviceIf you have any questions, please think about choosing a model that will be compatible with it.

On the other hand, some helmets are equipped with the 3D sound technology. This feature is interesting in terms of quality since it allows you to take advantage of automatic volume control for example. If you want more immersion when watching your movies, you'll be happy with this option.

How to use your wireless TV headset properly

Now that you know the criteria to consider when choosing the best wireless TV headset, let's give you some tips on how to use it. The goal is for you to know how to properly use the material.

Check the battery charge

Before using your headset, check the condition of the battery (if you have not charged it for a while). It would be a shame if in the middle of a good movie or a game of video games, your headphones let go from lack of charge.

Respect the range of your helmet

You should keep in mind that depending on the model, the range of the helmets can be more or less. We therefore advise you to stay put so that the device does not lose the sound signal.

Remember to adjust the volume

To avoid having long-term hearing problemsIf you are using a headset, it is important that you adjust the volume of your headphones appropriately. A high volume level is particularly harmful and will quickly damage your hearing system.

Maintain your wireless headset

Over time germs and bacteria may proliferate on and in your helmet. To remedy this, or to avoid it as much as possible, you must clean it. To do this, all you have to do is remove the foam and then immerse it in soapy water while applying gentle pressure with your hands, then rinse. Avoid scrubbing as this will damage the foam. For the headband, you just need to clean it with a damp cloth and you're done!

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