Cooking methods for a healthy diet

Cooking food is not only important for its flavour, but also for our health. Indeed, a healthy diet every day is essential to stay in shape in all circumstances. To do this, we must ensure that food retains its nutrients as much as possible by avoiding cooking at too high a temperature for long periods of time. While this sounds easy in theory, what does it look like in practice? What cooking methods should be used to eat healthy?


Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook. It allows food to be cooked gently and without adding fat. The cooking temperature of steaming is about 100°C, which is enough to destroy microbial agents, but not high enough to destroy nutrients. For steam cooking, the use of an electric stainless steel steam cooker is advised.

The device helps to preserve the taste and nutritional qualities of the dishes. To make cooking easier and shorten preparation time, make sure to cut your food before placing it in the dedicated space. Be careful not to consume the cooking water, which may contain pesticides, except in the case of organic food.

Cooking in a pressure cooker

When using a pressure cooker, the temperature exceeds 100 °C, but the cooking remains healthy. It is quick and requires very little water, which prevents loss of flavour, vitamins and minerals. This cooking method also saves energy due to its speed. In addition, the pressure cooker does not require the addition of fat. It should be noted that the pressure cooker can also be used for natural sterilization of jars where you can keep your food.

Wok cooking

The wok is a kind of large pan in which food is sautéed with very little oil over high heat. It is popular for cooking chopped vegetables, all kinds of meat and fish. This method of cooking keeps the food crispy and nutritious. The taste qualities of the food are also preserved to the maximum.

Baking in the oven

Baking in the oven is also good for your health. It uses dry heat and proceeds slowly and evenly. for cooking food. The result is dishes that are rich in taste and retain a large majority of their nutritional qualities. The oven can be used for all kinds of recipes, from bakery to pastry, meat and vegetable dishes.

Cooking on the grill

Broiling allows food to be cooked at a high temperature but for a short time. Cooking is therefore fast and even for healthy eating. In addition, the food retains its full flavour. The broiler is ideal for preparing fish, lean meat and some vegetables. For optimal grilling results, it is important to slice your food beforehand.