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Difficult to make a choice for your new Beard Brush? We wrote this Special Beard Brush buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Beard Brush!

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Beard brush buying guide

While it may seem simple enough, choosing a beard brush is just as difficult as buying a hairbrush because there are hair that are thin, thick, flexible, curly, frizzy, etc.

Depending on the nature of your hair and beard hair as well as your beard grooming routine, there are certain criteria you should pay attention to. The aim is to ensure that brushing, disentangling and smoothing your beard and mustache look the way you'd expect without going to a hair salon.

The material of the brush or brush

Brushes or brushes come in many materials, as does the fact that one type of brush in particular is different from another. Indeed, you can find on the market a flat brush, a round brush, a rectangular brush, a plastic brush or a wooden brush.

Generally, beard brushes are made of olive wood, beech or ash wood, and most of the time bamboo. The basic models are often plastic. There are, however, a few rare cases where you may find ox horn combs. They are extremely rare indeed for the simple reason that a horn comb is much more expensive than one made of wood or plastic.

Nevertheless, if you want to have a quality and durable beard brush, but at the best price, go for a natural wood model. Well processed and smooth, a wooden handle offers a good grip. But, water can be its worst enemy, especially if you clean your brush under running water.

In case you limit yourself to only the bare essentials without breaking the bank too much, a plastic beard brush is as durable as wood. Plus, since you'll be used to putting it in the bathroom, this material is perfectly resistant to moisture.

The hair type of the beard brush

Beard brush bristles can be made either with a natural material or with a synthetic product.

Beard brushes with natural bristles

Natural beard brushes are made of natural boar silk or from horsehair. We find wild boar bristles on various mustache care equipment such as the badger which is made of badger hair.

But, the most common on beard brushes are natural boar bristle and horsehair. There are a few reasons for this.

  • They are ideal for conditioning the beard
  • These natural bristles help condition your beard while brushing them. In fact, natural beard brushes are capable of spreading the sebum oil, the oil our skin produces, along the length of the beard while massaging the scalp. With each stroke, your beard becomes smoother and your hair stays well conditioned and healthy. In addition, the boar hair is antistatic and allows you to smooth your beard.

    If you use a beard oil like castor oil to add shine without straining the scalp, it doesn't get any better than natural hair.

  • They have greater rigidity
  • The hair of wild boars and horses is quite stiff and this is evident when you touch the coat of a pig or even a donkey. Their keratin concentration gives them a rigid structure that allows combing and detangling the hair of your beard for effectively remove impurities (food scraps, dandruff, lice?).

    People with curly hair or curly hair who are often looking for a beard straightener can be content with regular styling with a beard brush with natural bristles.

Synthetic bristle beard brushes

A comb brush with synthetic bristles also has excellent rigidity, except that it can create static electricity. But, these materials are not ideal for shaving tools. A badger with synthetic bristles can irritate the scalp, unlike one with boar or badger hair.

This is because synthetic bristles such as nylon don't work as well as natural bristles when it comes to brushing a beard to spread oil and condition the bristles.

The size of the beard brush

The size of the beard brush is important depending on the intended use. You can choose from different sizes and shapes and there are normal and travel sizes.

Travel sizes are convenient and may be suitable for everyday use. On top of that, they tend to be cheaper than full sized ones and they are easier to store and transport.

However, these beard brushes are often intended for short hair on the chin. Travel-size brushes also have fewer rows of bristles, which is not good for styling a beard with long hair.

If you don't grow your beard for more than a year, without trimming or shortening in the meantime, you don't need a large brush.

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