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Difficult to make a choice for your new Pedometer Watch? We wrote this special buying guide Pedometer Watch to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Pedometer Watch!

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Pedometer watch buying guide

A pedometer watch is a real sports coach during physical activity. In addition to the fact that it is able to count the number of steps taken, this small connected bracelet offers many useful features in different sports activities.

Categorized among sports watches, the pedometer watch can come with a heart rate monitor that tells you your heart rate, a calorie counter that measures the number of calories expended as well as a built-in GPS that calculates the distance traveled and keeps you tracked. activity.

Basically, this smart watch shows you almost everything on its small color screen (LCD screen or OLED screen). It allows you to be motivated in your physical activities.

Also, not all of the pedometer watches in this review may meet your needs. That's why we bring you this guide to buying the best sports watch or GPS watch with pedometer.

Pedometer watch with predefined or pre-installed activities

Some models of connected watches compatible with Android and iOS smartphones (Apple Watch, Samsung Gear Sport, Huawei Watch?) May offer you predefined sports activities. You just have to download them to your connected watch the day before and choose a program defined when you start your sport the next day.

A wristwatch with a pedometer must also offer the same function. The reason is that, in this way, you can decide which activity you want to do among those which you have pre-established and integrated into your watch. In a way, this is a motivator. If, for example, you have set a certain number of calories burned or distances traveled, a GPS sports watch with pedometer shows you the route, the walking distance to be done as well as the height differences to be taken thanks to the altimeter .

Some pedometer wristwatches simply count steps and give you other basic data, while others already have activities preinstalled in their system. You can therefore follow an activity depending on the sport you want to practice.

Pedometer watch with great autonomy

With its small screen, which can be a touch screen, and the various information it collects, the battery life of a pedometer watch becomes an important criterion. The majority of models with few functions can last for more than 5 days for sport, in normal use.

High-tech, multi-function versions that have Bluetooth connectivity, a music player, a pulse sensor that indicates blood pressure, a speaker, GPS and more will require more power. However, their battery is usually lithium-based and rechargeable, with an autonomy of about 12 hours, all functions activated.

Pedometer watch with a heart rate monitor

As we mentioned in the introduction, a heart rate monitor is an addition to a pedometer watch. Most amateur and professional athletes are looking for it, because it is becoming essential.

With technology evolving at a speed that is often impossible to keep up, you may be missing out on this almost essential functionality. A watch that tracks your heart rate is therefore able to give you details of your physical condition and health. For example, if the quality of sleep the night before has not been as you expected, it is safer to have a frequency monitor that measures your blood pressure.

However, don't expect to experience the precision of a medical heart rate monitor. The important thing is that your watch measures your pulse.

Pedometer watch with GPS

GPS tracking on your phone or by your pedometer watch itself is a plus. Although it may already be equipped with an accelerometer and altimeter, accuracy is essential in a sporting activity such as hiking.

A pedometer watch with a GPS tracker is a small computer that is able to calculate the distance you have traveled, your location on a map thanks to satellite synchronization as well as your elevation.

All of this information can be useful when analyzing your activity data. But, if you're just looking to count your steps, GPS isn't essential.

Pedometer watch showing notifications

A Bluetooth pedometer watch connected to your smartphone is another plus. With this type of watch, you can receive notifications on missed calls, messages or private messages on social networks.

However, the choice of this function may depend on your lifestyle. If you need to be constantly connected and be in touch with your coworkers throughout the day, a watch showing notifications is beneficial. If all you want to do is count your steps during your sports activities, this is not the watch for you.

Pedometer watch with a design master key

This is not necessarily an important criterion. Nevertheless, a pedometer watch with a leather strap can go pretty much everywhere, whether you are playing sports or going to the office.

On the other hand, a pedometer watch with a sports strap is more suitable for sports use, in extreme conditions, such as swimming for example.

However, most watches have a removable strap. If you want a pedometer watch that you can use in various situations, look for one with interchangeable bracelets.

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