The latest trends for summer 2020 for men

Summer and fashion don't always go hand in hand for men. Having a good outfit is easier when the temperature drops. You can let your lumberjack side shine and you will probably look great. But during the summer season, you have to be light.

Shorts are a must

The preppie style has been reborn in haute couture in recent years, which means that chino shorts are gaining more and more aesthetic value.

Pastel colors are perfect for summer. But if you want to step away from the academic look, you can change your tone. Khaki is an option that allows you to sport a neutral color. You don't have to be afraid to wear it. Otherwise, you can choose black or navy blue shorts to vary your wardrobe a bit (in terms of color).

If you want to look relaxed in any situation that comes your way, don't hesitate to buy a pair of athletic shorts to complete your wardrobe. Track and field and sport in general are a part of everyday life for many people these days. So, don't think that athletic shorts can only be worn with t-shirts and tank tops. Be hip and try to incorporate them into your social outfit.

However, as with all shorts, avoid styles that are too loose and long. You don't want to look like you've missed out on photos of pro basketball players from the '70s. But if you'd prefer a size just above the knee, you should be on edge.

By the way, you have another option, a little more controversial: denim shorts. Indeed, when it comes to denim canvas, one immediately thinks of the legendary Levi's pants. If you must wear denim shorts, opt for a model with a tight fit. For length, don't go too far from the knees.

Tops can be light

Choosing between the different summer shirts can be a difficult task. Since it is hot, prefer something light.

You can invest in t-shirts. Keep the designs derived from simple designs and avoid those that are graphic, with funny or horrible texts. If you are faced with a situation that requires a slightly classier dress code, you have three options: polo shirts, long-sleeved button-down shirts, and short-sleeved button-down shirts.

Polo shirts work well with chino shorts. But you won't be able to show off a preppie look, which isn't so bad when you step back. If this style is for you, go for a moderate style with neutral colors, a slim fit and a pair of jeans.

If you choose shirts with buttons, be aware of the heat that might suffocate you. Opt for a lightweight fabric for long sleeves.

Solid light-colored shirts are always easy to find. But if you can find checkered patterns that won't give you heatstroke, treat yourself to some patterns. Apply the same rules for short sleeves. Indeed, short-sleeved and patterned shirts are very fashionable at the moment.