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Difficult to make a choice for your new Cigarette Lighter Charger For Mobile Phone? We wrote this Special buying guide Cigarette Lighter Charger For Mobile Phone to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we did our best to help you choose the best Cigarette Lighter Charger For Phone!

Our selection of cigarette lighter charger for this laptop

Cigarette lighter charger buying guide for this laptop

With the democratization of mobile phones "Smartphones", the use of a cigarette lighter charger quickly became essential in the car. Indeed, we tend to use our laptop as a GPS or such a driving assistant, among others. These are power hungry applications, which will result in a quickly drained battery. Highly used on the road, our cellphones often let go of us without warning, especially when we need them most. Here is the advantage of a charger that plugs directly into the cigarette lighter of your car. However, with the growing number of models and brands available in the market, it is often difficult to navigate. To help you, we have put together this comparative guide which will detail all the information you need to know. All this, with the sole aim of guiding you, so that you make the right choice. Are you ready ? Fasten your seatbelt and let's go!

What is a cigarette lighter charger?

In general, the cigarette lighter charger is a electronic device that you plug into your car's cigarette lighter. It allows you to recharge the USB compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets or digital cameras among others. In our guide, we will mainly focus on its usefulness for mobile phones. Its use is simple, because all you have to do is plug it into the 12 V socket for small vehicles and 24 V for trucks, and voila! This device comes in many types, designs, and models available in the market are not created equal. The power, the number of USB ports, these are the elements to see before finalizing your choice.

The advantages of a USB car charger for your phone

Apart from the fact that charge your phone in the car is often essential, because you did not have time to do it, other reasons will push you in this optic. Indeed, the use of a cigarette lighter charger is especially important when using greedy apps. Apps such as GPS among other things, will quickly drain your battery along the way. If the trip is relatively short, it probably won't be too much of an impact. If not, however, you could be in for a bit of trouble, especially when you're not sure which route to take. Moreover, a car charger with adapter for telephone is often equipped with several ports. So you can charge multiple electronic devices on it in case your whole family needs it on long journeys.

Also note that even if your vehicle has one or more integrated USB sockets, the charging power will not be at all satisfactory with a USB cigarette lighter charger. In detail, a smartphone needs a current that delivers about 1.2 to 3 amps for a full charge, just like a conventional phone charger does. An integrated USB port meanwhile only delivers 0.5 amps. It goes without saying that this is nowhere near enough for your laptop. It is still possible to be satisfied with it, but the charging speed will be much longer. To give you an idea, this intensity will only allow you to get 10 % of battery over a period of about 30 minutes. On the other hand, the cigarette lighter socket of a vehicle can deliver a charging current ranging from 8 to 10 amps. The choice is therefore quickly made, because this is more than enough for a Smartphone, or even several. In addition, this kind of car charger is usually small, compact and will adapt to all types of cigarette lighter plugs.

If we go a little further, for adapters to dual USB at a minimum, you will also be able to connect a bluetooth FM transmitter in one of the outlets. This will allow you to both charge your phone and also listen to music through your vehicle's car stereo. To be versatile, this device is without a doubt. Is not it ?

What are the criteria to take into account to make the right choice?

As you might expect, when choosing a cigarette lighter charger, certain criteria must be taken into account. The goal is precisely to be able to opt for the better, or failing that, for a good car charger. Available in several models, specifications and features, it is really easy to get lost when it comes to making a choice. You should therefore consider the following points.

The number of ports

The port (s) are the components that allow to establish the connection with the device to reload. Most often, cigarette lighter chargers offer at least two ports. As already mentioned above, the greater the number of USB sockets, the more useful the device will be. We therefore advise you to opt for models with 4 USB ports. However, be aware that for some models, the charging power of each port may be different. The charging speed on each of the sockets may vary, as the dedicated intensities are often not the same. So remember to check this setting to get the most out of your charger.

Charging power

This criterion is the essence of the utility of a cigarette lighter charger. It is therefore crucial that you pay attention to this point, because it will be your needs and requirements that will condition the charger charging power. If you want fast charging, then you should check the amperage of the ports which should be 2 amps minimum. A named function "Quick Charge", providing an intensity of 3 amps, is also available for certain models. If, on the other hand, you want a standard charging speed, as long as you don't use power-hungry apps, a 1-amp cigarette lighter charger will be fine for you.


In order not to have unpleasant surprises, it is important to dwell on the Compatibility. Indeed, some models are only compatible with a smartphone shortlist. Others, too, are only made with a specific make and model. Although it is a good idea to choose a car charger that is compatible only with your phone, we still recommend that you opt for a universal charger. This means that you can use the charging device regardless of the brand of your laptop. This criterion is all the more important since each member of your family has different models of smartphones.


You may be thinking that you can do without a lighting for your car charger ? Be aware, however, that this feature can be of crucial help when you are driving at night. You can quickly find the port in which you want to charge your phone without having to come to a complete stop and turn on your vehicle's dome light.

Size and shape

In general, a car phone battery charger is ultra compact, therefore discreet. However, always take the time to make sure that the measurements are not going to be a handicap when plugging into your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket. Some outlets are indeed difficult to reach for some vehicles. Charger models are also larger and will constitute a obstacle for other car dashboard accessories. To give you an idea of ??a really small charger, there are models of 40 mm long !

Reliability and resistance

In the market, you are able to find cigarette lighter charger models that have an aluminum alloy body. It goes without saying that this material will allow it to always remain new without fear of scratches and shocks. For other models, security features are offered. These are features that incorporate protections against possible overload, short circuits or overvoltages among others.

The presence of an LED display

Models of cigarette lighter chargers for such laptops are equipped with an LED display. Very practical, this feature has the advantage of you provide live data related to the voltage or intensity of the electric current output from your vehicle. Other models can provide different information alternately which further optimize their practicality.

What are the fastest cigarette lighter chargers?

If you really want to focus on the fastest models, go for the models that come with the functionality Quick Charge 3.0. The charging speed is then 4 times faster than that of a conventional car charger. You must, however, ensure that your Smartphone can handle this kind of technology. As an alternative, there are adapters with USB C output which are capable of providing a substantial energy of up to 5 amps, i.e. a power of 100 W. You should know that these characteristics are especially ideal as long as you have a smartphone requiring increased charging power. However, that won't prevent you from using chargers with these benefits to enjoy super-fast charging.

Induction cigarette lighter chargers for phone

These technology concentrates are very practical, since you will benefit from a wireless charger. They combine, with the same device, a holder for your telephone and a magnetic induction recharging. This will allow you to no longer handle your phone, because you just have to place it on the dedicated holder. The power supply is the same as a conventional charger since the connection is always made to the cigarette lighter of your car. Be aware, however, that there are USB induction chargers.


Theoretically, and nowadays, all smart phones should be compatible. You still need to make sure before choosing this type of car charger. In fact, your Smartphone must be compatible with the Qi technology that allows energy to be transmitted without the use of cables or wires.


When you use this device, you will no longer need to systematically plug in and unplug your laptop. The bracket mounts to your car's dashboard neatly with no adaptation required. Indeed, it is fixed to the ventilation grid using a clamp, but other methods of fixing may also exist. Plus, regardless of your phone model, size and weight, you won't have a hard time finding a cigarette lighter charger that will suit your needs and especially your laptop.

The dedicated telephone base is identical to that of simple supports (clamps to tighten) for mobile phones for cars. However, some models have a magnet system. If you want to opt for this device wireless charging magnet therefore, you will have to invest in a special case. Otherwise, metal accessories are available in the market so that your phone can be easily attached to the holder.

For your current GPS uses with your Smartphone, the induction charger is the ideal solution with portrait and landscape positions. In the event that you need to receive calls for example, you will have your hands free in order to communicate more easily. You can, at the same time, avoid being fined for the phone while driving. This type of charger is also safe, as it usually has protection against overheating, overloading or overcurrent.

The principle of operation of induction car chargers

This recharging system is based on energy transmission without wired connection. This is based on the principle of electrical induction which, when the power supply is supplied, a magnetic field is produced. It is the latter that will power the phone when it is placed on the charger. In concrete terms, the current created will go directly to the phone's energy receiver, which will recharge the phone's battery.

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