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Cooking good and varied meals while saving time and without ever missing anything is now possible thanks to the Multicooker. It is an electric multi-function food processor with many automatic cooking functions. This household appliance allows you to fry, brown, sear, brown, simmer, steam, cook rice, bake bread and cakes but also yogurts, all with a quick cooking time . Some high-performance multifunction cooker models even have more functions. To reap the full benefits of this device, it is important to find the best product on the market. In this file, find the essentials to know for choose the ideal multicooker.

What are the advantages of a multicooker?

This kind of household appliance has many advantages:

  • It is a multi-function device which on its own is capable of performing the functions of various household appliances such as steamer, rice cooker, oven, yogurt maker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, pan or the bread maker.
  • The device is capable of make many recipes, whether salty or sweet. In addition, you do not risk missing the delicious dishes as everything is automated.
  • Investing in a multicooker saves money because on its own, the device replaces many kitchen tools.
  • One of the major advantages of this type of intelligent robot is that it can win time daily in the preparation of meals thanks to automation and various integrated programs.
  • You also save space by using just one appliance, especially when the kitchen has limited space.
  • Thanks to the non-stick coating of the cooking bowl, these appliances prevent eating too much fat, which is good for your health. They also keep you warm so you can use them anytime without having to reheat.
  • The multicooker may be a sophisticated and complete device, its use remains simple and accessible to all.

How to choose a multicooker?

When choosing your multifunction food processor, here are the essential points to consider:

The removable bowl

The kettle is that slice of the pressure cooker in which food is prepared and cooked. It has a capacity that varies from one reference to another. This capacity can range from 3.5 liters up to 6 liters. The famous Moulinex Cookeo model has for example a large capacity of 6 liters while the Magimix Cook-Expert has a capacity of 3.5 liters. The choice will depend on how many meals you are used to preparing and how many people you feed in your household.

If you compare the different multicookers on the market, you will notice that this tank is removable in all cases to be able to serve the preparation and facilitate washing. However, prefer models where the tanks are equipped with a secure means of carrying, such as heat-resistant cuffs.

Finally, it is important that the inside of the bowl is covered with a non-stick coating such as Teflon or ceramic. The fact that the bowl is non-stick prevents food from sticking to the walls but in addition, it prevents the addition of fat to be able to cook healthily.

The power

The more powerful a programmable food processor, the better it performs. The power is expressed in Watts and varies from 750 Watts to 1500 Watts, or even more. The more powerful models are able to cook food the fastest. Indeed, one of the strengths of this type of intelligent robot is that it saves time.

The programs

The multifunction robot cooker is programmable. It allows the realization of many kinds of dishes thanks to the different automatic programs which are predefined there. These are preprogrammed recipes that you just have to choose and the device will start preparing: soups, rice, meat, yogurt, etc. The number of recipes to program varies from one model to another; some have ten or so while others have up to 45 features.

In addition to the automatic programs integrated into the appliance, it is also possible to opt for a manual mode, that is to say to make your own recipes. In this case, you set the cooking time, the cooking temperature and the cooking speed yourself.

The cooking modes are also available on the appliance, from fast cooking to slow cooking, including steaming, simmering, frying, induction etc. In addition, the best models have the 3D heating system which ensures even cooking of the food. Pressure cooking is an option for users who want ultra-fast cooking without consuming more energy.


Basic programmable multi-cooker robot models have been around for a long time, but now the trend is for connected models. The latter can be equipped with Bluetooth technology for the simpler versions, others have a USB port, while the more sophisticated have Wi-Fi. This connectivity makes it possible to control the cooking robot remotely from a smartphone or tablet, but also to transfer recipes.

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