Preparing your child for the arrival of another baby: what to do?

In a few months, your little one will no longer be the center of attention, because his little brother or sister will arrive. He will lose his status as an only child or youngest to become the eldest or the middle child. Obviously, this is a situation that will turn his little life upside down. Also, it is important to prepare him for it. In this guide, you will find some tips for getting through this difficult period for all young parents who are expecting the arrival of a child.

How important is it to prepare for the announcement of a new baby?

You are already prepare all childcare materials and accessories for the arrival of your new baby: recliner, high chair, changing mat, bottle, thermometer, cot, stroller, bathtub, play mat, changing bag, etc. ? This is great, but there is another point that should not be overlooked: sharing this happy and delicate news with your child. Indeed, it is not easy for a toddler to understand why he has lost exclusivity with his mother who, in a few months, will also take care of a newborn baby. Certainly, the feeling of jealousy will arise in your child.

When and how will you announce the news of your pregnancy?

Now is not a good time to tell your child about the happy event. You can do this during the first few weeks or the first months of your pregnancy. The important thing is not to hide the truth from him. It is just as important that it is not someone other than his mom or dad who announces it to him. Indeed, he would risk feeling betrayed.

Choose when your little boy or girl is calmest during the day. Then, use simple words to break the news such as: "You are going to be a big sister or big brother soon because there is a little baby growing in mom's womb." That's all. No need to explain to him that you will always love him or that you will always take care of him, etc. It will worry him.

Involve your child in pregnancy

To best prepare him for the arrival of the new baby, invite him to touch your belly, talk to the baby, etc. However, don't insist if he doesn't feel like it. So that he can easily accept the situation, do not hesitate to present the situation to him in the form of short anecdotes or a game. Take the time to show him your old ultrasounds, his birth photos, etc. Also show him his old trousseau which includes his pajamas, socks, sheets, diapers, bottles and pacifiers when he was a baby, etc., while explaining to him that his new little brother or sister will be more or less like him and will have the same affairs.

Respect the child's emotions

During your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby, your first child is likely to have conflicting feelings. He will be happy, impatient, jealous and distressed at the same time. He may even become aggressive if he cannot express his real feelings. It's up to you to reassure him with love. Again, use simple words that are understandable for his age while trying to instill in him the value of siblings.