High-tech: the devices essential for student life

If you are done with high school, you will take a new course from the start. And to face student life well, you need to be well equipped in terms of high-tech devices and tools. Indeed, the latter are put at the service of the students in order to facilitate the task in progress or during their revisions. What are these must-have devices?

The digital dictaphone

The digital dictaphone is a voice recorder dedicated to recording lessons or conferences you attend so as not to miss a beat. You may not be able to write everything down, so listening to the recording again when you are calm at home can help with your revisions. The voice recorder is practical and accessible to everyone. It easily captures vocals, even in a large room. In addition, this device is light and compact. Just slip it into a bag or pocket to take it out. Moreover, it is compatible with PCs; just plug it in via a USB connector to extract audio files.

The laptop

For college, it is necessary to have a laptop computer with a more serious configuration than that of the computer used for college.Indeed, for studies, the needs in terms of productivity are only satisfied by a laptop model with a mid-range processor (such as Intel Core i5), the correct graphics card and RAM and obviously, with an integrated Microsoft Office package.The fact that it is transportable is an essential criterion for the PC so that it can be taken to class easily.Choose thin and light ultrabooks like the MacBook, which fits perfectly in your backpack.Hybrid models with detachable screens to transform into touch pads also provide good ergonomics.Tablets are also a useful buy, but are not as complete as laptops.

The printer

The printer is also a must have device for a student. It is mainly used for printing various documents (lectures, dissertation, reports, etc.), but newer models can also photocopy and scan. The WiFi printer model is also more practical for studies. It can be placed anywhere, especially since it allows direct scanning to a USB drive to more easily share documents and folders.

The smartphone

The Smartphone is essential to keep in touch with one's family, but it is also a tool where various applications useful for student life can be installed. You will find among others cloud services such as Google drive, Dropbox or iCloud which allows you to access your documents wherever you are. You can also install a calculator, translator, dictionary, etc., depending on your specific needs. There are several brands and configurations of Smartphones. Remember to bring your headphones and charger when traveling. Otherwise, the use of a mobile phone backup battery is also recommended.

External battery and external hard drive

Whether for your smartphone or your laptop, the use of a power bank has become essential these days. Since the battery in these devices is the first to give up on long days of class, having an external battery will be of great help. There are several capacities of recharging battery. You can choose a basic 2500mAh model or opt for a more sophisticated version with multiple docking sockets to charge multiple devices at once. In addition, you also need an external hard drive to store all your data.