How to reconcile professional and family life?

It is not easy to reconcile both professional and family life. Ensuring the role of parent, lover, employee and individual at 100% at the same time, not to mention having a rich social life, is a real obstacle course, especially with the current hectic lifestyle. . To avoid shortness of breath and exhaustion, even burnout, but also to be able to guarantee quality time with your family without skimping on your professional career, here are some valuable tips.

Focus on the organization

To become more efficient in the search for a harmonious family and working life, the key is the organization of work and family life. To do this, it is important to make a list of things to do so that nothing is left out. However, since you can't do everything at once, the trick is to prioritize each task. At home, make a schedule for the family members' activities for the week, plan the menus for the week in advance to save time, choose a sports activity that the whole family likes to play sports , etc.

Ask for help

Wanting too much to do everything on your own is not going to get by.It's okay to ask for help, even if it's time to regain energy.Therefore, establish a list of resource people and caregivers to whom you can call in an emergency:parents, in-laws, neighbors, friends, etc.And if your finances allow, you can delegate some household chores by hiring house staff.Do not hesitate to have your children looked after in nurseries, by a nanny or by your relatives to spend time as a couple or simply to take time for you.This will help you achieve a better work-life balance.

Work with a flexible schedule

Today, companies increasingly allow their employees to work staggered hours.Thanks to this, you are given the opportunity to start earlier to quit earlier and vice versa.This allows you a better reconciliation between professional and private life.Also find out about the possibility of a four-day work week with the conditions that this implies from your employer; these fewer hours of work ensure that you have a fulfilling family life.Finally, you can always offer teleworking, which allows you to be present for your loved ones while ensuring your career.Remote work is now common for every professional activity, as is freelance work.They especially allow a good balance between professional life and parenthood if you have young children.

Find the right balance

Perfection does not exist.It is quite normal not to be able to be on all fronts.The key is to find a balance between personal and professional life.Above all, you have to avoid feeling remorse, because you are always doing your best anyway.Also know that family and work are two different worlds.It's up to you to decide how important each one is in your life; determine your priorities.In addition, it is important to know how to disconnect.When you're at work, put family life aside and get involved.Once home, forget about work and be fully present for your family.Finally, you have to know how to set your limits and know your abilities to achieve fulfillment.