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Difficult to make a choice for your new Gsm Wireless Home Alarm? We wrote this Gsm Wireless Home Alarm buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Gsm Wireless Home Alarm!

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Wireless gsm home alarm buying guide

A GSM wireless home alarm is a fairly complex security system. It is made up of several elements, including the alarm center, the central monitoring station, motion detectors, door and window opening detectors, the telephone dialer connected to a GMS network, the video surveillance by IP camera and many others.

The different wireless alarm systems in this review are different and each meet a specific need. If the connected alarm is still unknown to you, we invite you to read this buying guide to find the GSM wireless home alarm kit that meets your expectations. So, here are some things to consider when buying.

Your expectations on the GSM wireless home alarm

A good wireless home alarm system gives you the ability to detect and act as a deterrent from the slightest attempted break-in by a burglar. A model with an anti-intrusion alarm is ideal for feeling safe.

A GMS wireless home alarm usually comes with a host of features that make it easier to use, as well as services. If you want a burglary intention to be detected even before the actual offense, it is best to choose a home alarm system with motion detector and opening detector.

To secure your GSM wireless alarm system from jamming or remote deactivation, choose a model that you can arm with a master code and with a backup code if you forget it.

The different settings of the house alarm

When it comes to home automation, the security system is undoubtedly one of the most successful products. Burglaries are the most common during the holidays. What you surely want is a kit that can be easily configured.

A wireless home alarm often has multiple detection modes. For the motion detector, it often does not require any adjustment, but just installation, because it works autonomously. To be more deterrent, you can add an indoor siren and an outdoor siren. These sirens are helping to sound the alarm bells in the neighborhood. By integrating a GSM transmitter connected to a telephone line, your security alarm acts as a smart alarm and automatically calls the authorities.

The must is the possibility of adding video surveillance which makes it possible to dispel any doubts about the effectiveness of GSM alarms, as it happens that it is pets that are involved. Thanks to a smartphone application, you can even have the image on your phone. But, in this case you need a stand-alone alarm that is connected to your Internet box.

The performance of the GSM wireless alarm

Not all GSM wireless alarm systems are created equal. To choose an alarm that meets your needs, you must also pay attention to the arming which must be very secure and the rapid triggering of the alarm siren. These are the two main criteria for preventing any intrusions you may experience.

However, they depend on your installation and your alarm kits. As mentioned above, an alarm pack or security pack includes many components. If there are many, you are better protected because the detection is more precise. Every corner of your house has its own burglar protection system: IP cameras, motion detectors, door opening detectors, sirens, etc.

How to install and use a wireless home alarm? GMS?

The installation of a wireless GSM home alarm requires the intervention of a professional: an installer. The reason is that the installation of the different kits requires a preliminary study of the plan of the house. After you have finished installing your wireless alarm kit, it should normally, at the same time, show you how to use your home alarm.

Basically, there are two key points for a wireless GSM alarm to function properly and allow you to detect even the slightest intrusion.

The installation

The installation is done after the installer has done a very precise analysis of the different parts of your house. This allows him to better choose the corners and rooms where he will put the various components of your GSM wireless home alarm. Motion detectors are usually placed in corners while the door and window sensors are opened. As for the siren, it is installed in a strategic place where the sound can be dispersed throughout your home.

In general, the installation of security systems such as a wireless alarm requires very few connections. If you have DIY skills, you can do this easily. The small problem could be the use of the application that only installers can configure.


Using a GSM wireless home alarm is not very complicated. It’s normally a matter of habit. In this sense, every time you leave your house, you must have the reflex to arm your alarm. And when you return, you must disarm her.

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