Quitting smoking with electronic cigarettes: myth or reality?

You surely know the electronic cigarette. This device produces vapor from a flavored liquid, whether or not containing nicotine. Since its creation, this alternative to the classic cigarette is gaining more and more ground on the market.

However, it is also a subject of controversy in the scientific community. While some see it as an effective tool to quit smoking, others see it as a product that generates a new addiction.

Is the e-cigarette really effective?

According to a certain study, in 7 years, the electronic cigarette, available in several models like what can be found in the Vapote Market Shop, would have allowed hundreds of thousands of smokers to quit. This result can be explained by the fact that some e-liquids have nicotine in their composition, but also by the gesture that is made when you vape. These two combinations would thus reduce the withdrawal, which is of crucial help for those who wish to quit smoking.

However, it is clear that this is the case for everyone. Some only manage to reduce their consumption thanks to the effects of the e-cig. These people are commonly referred to as vapers. Others, on the other hand, become permanent vapers.

Why then switch to electronic cigarettes?

In France in particular, the electronic cigarette is one of the tools offered mainly to help people who want to quit smoking or reduce their tobacco consumption. This electronic device acts specifically on three axes, promoting the dependence of smokers. We are talking about the need for nicotine doses, the pleasure of smoking, and as already mentioned above, body language.

Moreover, according to health authorities, e-cigarettes drastically reduce the development of serious diseases such as cancer, for example. It would also be 95 % less harmful than conventional cigarettes. This fact is explained by the vapor produced which does not contain carbon monoxide or other carcinogenic toxic substances, unlike the cigarette smoke.

In addition, the electronic cigarette is a very good way to save money. Although it is worth more to buy, the investment pays off quickly over time. Moreover, with the rise in the price of a pack of cigarettes, this rule is even more true.

Good reasons to consult a tobacco specialist

Betting on electronic cigarettes and trying to quit on your own is not as easy as you think, especially with heavy smokers. While the body is indeed crying out for high doses of nicotine every day, the e-cig may not be enough, as can be seen by browsing the pages of the sites on theVape news. Moreover, in this specific case, it is often recommended by tobacco specialists to enhance vaping by the use of nicotine patches. This kind of health professional will also be able to define the exact amount of nicotine that must be ingested, and thus gradually decrease for successful bondage.

A personalized program can also be offered, most often combining several methods such as acupuncture or medical hypnosis, among others.