Translation test 2

Involve your child in pregnancy

To best prepare him for the arrival of the new baby, invite him to touch your belly, talk to the baby, etc. However, don't insist if he doesn't feel like it. So that he can easily accept the situation, do not hesitate to present the situation to him in the form of short anecdotes or a game. Take the time to show him your old ultrasounds, his birth photos, etc. Also show him his old trousseau which includes his pajamas, socks, sheets, diapers, bottles and pacifiers when he was a baby, etc., while explaining to him that his new little brother or sister will be more or less like him and will have the same affairs.

Respect the child's emotions

During your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby, your first child is likely to have conflicting feelings. He will be happy, impatient, jealous and distressed at the same time. He may even become aggressive if he cannot express his real feelings. It's up to you to reassure him with love. Again, use simple words that are understandable for his age while trying to instill in him the value of siblings.