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Difficult to make a choice for your new Playpen? We wrote this special Baby Playpen buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Playpen!

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Baby playpen buying guide

If your child is old enough to crawl on all fours or to take his first steps and you have difficulty following him in all his movements, the playpen can be of great help to you. This childcare equipment constitutes a delimited play area where your little ones can indulge their exploration desires in complete safety. You will then be able to go about your household chores in a serene manner. Be aware, however, that the models of playpens available on the market vary enormously. So make sure you pay attention to the different characteristics to adapt your choice to your expectations. Safety standards, material or even options are all selection criteria to consider. Find in this file all the elements of answers to all your questions regarding buying the best playpen.

What is a playpen for?

A children's playground is primarily used for delimit the space where your toddlers can roam around the house. When they start to move, it can be dangerous to let them freely roam the house at the risk of touching everything (electrical outlets, sharp objects, etc.) and going everywhere (stairs, refrigerator, etc.) .

This secure space at the same time allows you to go about your activities without any worry as it has been specially designed to make your children feel good. The manufacturers have thought of every detail so that there is no danger to babies once they are placed there.

The playpen is also a play area where your kids can have fun. You can place all their toys there to entertain them, awaken their senses and develop their motor skills. Some models even come with games of all kinds to make the device complete. This can be of use to parents who wish to occupy their children during school holidays, for example.

What are the advantages of a playpen?

The benefits of a playpen are numerous, whether for parents or for children.

The benefits for children

The park is a childcare equipment specially designed for secure baby as soon as he begins to crawl or walk. Thanks to its boundaries, the playpen protects baby from the various domestic dangers that may arise.

The playpen also allows baby to have fun since it is a play area. Different toys in line with his age are placed there for his entertainment but also for his development and his awakening.

Placing baby in this type of playground also allows him to learn to take care of himself. This is therefore a great way to develop autonomy.

But you can also put two children in the same playpen, especially if you opt for a spacious model. In this case, the device is a good way for them to learn to live in society and to develop their sense of sharing.

This type of playpen allows baby to develop motor skills safely. He can crawl or walk on it however he wants without risking injury or being out of sight.

You should also know that although the park is demarcated, it is an open space where baby can feel close to members of his family. This does not mean that he will feel left out despite the fact that a security system is in place.

Benefits for parents

Buying a playpen is a real asset for you as parents. By placing baby there, you can have peace of mind knowing that the device was designed to secure him. This saves you the fatigue of having to follow him everywhere in his movements, because this makes monitoring easier. You also have plenty of time to do your daily tasks, take care of yourself, or rest.

What are the different types of playpens?

On the market, you can choose from different kinds of playpen. You will find them in all shapes and sizes, but also with different configurations.

The folding baby playpen

The folding baby playpen is ideal when you need to put it away every time baby is not using it. In fact, in a jiffy, all you have to do is fold or unfold the equipment to store or install it. This type of park is also practical if it is often necessary to transport it, such as going on vacation for example.

The umbrella baby playpen

The umbrella baby playpen is also a foldable baby playpen. It has the advantage of being compact, which makes it easy to install in tight spaces. This type of playpen is also practical for families who are often on the move, not only for its foldable and space-saving aspect but also because it can be considered as an extra bed for some models. In addition, this type of park is the cheapest on the market.

The playpen for twins

The playpen for twins is larger than conventional models. It is essential if you need to place more than one child there or if you just want your offspring to have enough space on their own. However, make sure you have enough space in your home before opting for this choice as the twin baby playpen is quite bulky.

What are the criteria for choosing a playpen?

To choose the best playpen model on the market, make sure you have taken all the parameters into account. These are criteria that determine whether or not a referral is suited to your needs. To do this, perform a comparison and examine each characteristic to consider:

Safety standards

The first criterion to never neglect when it comes to childcare equipment is Security. Your dedicated baby playpen must comply with the safety standards in force: NF S 54-010 and EN 12227. Among other things, they govern the distance between the bars, which must be less than 7 cm, and the height of the baby playpen, which must be more than 55 cm. These standards prevent your baby from tipping over or escaping. Also check the chosen model carefully before making the purchase; the hinges must not be altered, rusty or present a risk of splinters, for example.

The dimensions

The choice of size The playpen depends above all on the space available in your home. Also, the interior of the playpen should be spacious enough to allow the child to move around and play freely. In general, the dimensions of a playground are as follows:

  • For square bars, the side measures between 96 cm and 102 cm.
  • Octagonal playpens or round playpens are between 108 cm and 113 cm around.
  • As for the standard format of a rectangular playpen, it is 92 cm x 98 cm; however, this can vary between 73cm x 102cm and 97cm x 173cm.
  • Finally, the model with the largest floor space is the oval version with 108 cm x 145 cm.

The options

A playpen sometimes has options that can be decisive in the choice between several models. It can for example be scalable and / or be mobile.

The evolving character

There are models of playpens that are scalable. This means that their bottom is adjustable in height on three different levels. Baby can be installed there from birth with the highest setting, then as he grows and evolves, you can go down the level. This type of playpen is also beneficial for parents who will not have to bend down too much to pick up or put baby, which protects them from back pain. However, it should be noted that models with adjustable bottoms are only available on wooden playpens.

Mobile character

Some park models are also mobile by being equipped with casters. So you can move the device according to the room you are in to keep an eye on your child in all circumstances. Mobile playpens are therefore recommended if you tend to move around a lot in your home. For baby's safety, the casters can obviously be locked when you don't want to move it.


Buying a playpen is not a trivial investment. Thus, it is appropriate to choose a robust and durable model. The quality must therefore be there regardless of the model chosen. Usually, wooden models have a better reputation. However, other materials can be solid if they are of good quality.


Material matters a lot when choosing your playpen.

  • Baby playpen with wooden bars

Parks of this type can take many forms and vary in size. You will thus find wooden bars square, octagonal or rectangle. The great thing about this model with bars is the fact that your child can grab onto them to help them stand up. These models can also be height adjustable, foldable, or have locking wheels. In addition, they are easy to maintain.

  • Baby playpen with metal bars

The models of metal bar playpen offer the same shapes as those in wood. Some models can be transformed into a protective barrier to prevent baby from crossing the stairs or to separate two rooms, for example. These models are equipped with a door with a secure closure system preventing baby from going out. Finally, you should know that the metal bars are foldable.

  • The plastic baby playpen

The model of plastic playpen can be with bars or with transparent walls. Most of the references available on the market can be transformed into a safety barrier and can be extended. These models are easy to clean and are very popular with children. Indeed, they allow a lot of colors and patterns. In addition, some brands offer a game panel on their products.

  • Baby playpen in mesh

Baby playpen in mesh has less rigid walls than the bar references that children can bump into. This type of playpen takes up very little space when folded, which makes it easy to store. Also, be aware that baby does not play on the floor thanks to the mattress supplied with this type of playpen, which can be advantageous for tiled interiors.

The interview

Before buying a playpen, check if all of its components are washable. The wooden and plastic models are the easiest to wash. Mesh pens are more difficult to maintain.

The accessories

To ensure the comfort of your little one, make sure your playpen is equipped with the necessary accessories. To do this, opt for colorful and childish models to promote his awakening. Here are the types of accessories needed on a children's playground:

  • The playpen mat

A playpen mat prevents your child from playing on the ground on playpen models without mattresses. A playpen mat can be velor, quilted or terry cloth depending on the reference. It is placed in the bottom of the device so that baby can move and play comfortably. Opt for a soft, patterned and colorful model to enhance the look of your baby's play space. Note that some playpen mat models can act as a playpen ride by being equipped with edges.

  • The park tour

The park ride is especially essential on models with bars or hard walls. It prevents your child from bumping and hurting themselves. Indeed, the playpen bumper is in terry cloth or velvet, which softens the child's contact with the border of the playpen. Choose this accessory in the same spirit as the playpen mat, colorful and patterned.

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